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After working as a football official for 16 seasons, I've decided to merge my engineering background with my officiating experience to develop some Apps to assist me on and off the field. I'm hoping that other officials will be able to utilize these tools to more effectively and efficiently work in an increasingly scrutinized part-time gig.

My first product is the Swipe Play Clock app for the Apple Watch. By using swipe gestures on the watch face, you can operate the football 40/25 play clock while keeping your eyes on the field. There is also a programmable timer that can keep track of game time or time outs thats starts and stops with a double tap.



Wearable technology allows a lot of flexibility and capability to be brought out onto the field. I am looking into ways we can use these tools to simplify what we do on the field and allow us to keep our eyes on the players.


Recent rules changes to NFHS timing rules will complicate HS officiating, especially for smaller schools that can't afford new clock infrastructure. My app will allow us to keep it on the field either as the primary if clocks are not available or as a backup if there is a scoreboard failure.

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Here is a brief walkthrough for the test version of the App. It's designed to be pretty simple so that it can be run without taking your eyes off the players. With both audio and vibration alerts, your concentration can stay on the field.

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